Against School Aggression Partnership

Community based complex school program

for effective prevention and treatment of aggression and bullying

ASAP – Against School Aggression Partnership is a project implemented from September 2015 until August 2018, funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union. The programme was led by Partners Hungary Foundation, in collaboration with SOS Malta, Partners Bulgaria Foundation and Szolnoki Szolgáltatási Szakképzési Centrum (Szolnok Centre of Counselling Training).

ASAP aims to contribute to the reduction of school aggression and bullying in schools while establishing and strengthening the cooperation between different institutions that deal with the student community. The project developed a model program taking the form of a whole school approach that offers an accessible and easy to adopt tool, for the reduction of school violence and bullying, which was tested in eight secondary schools: three school in Hungary, one school in Bulgaria and four schools in Malta. The project contributes to country’s efforts to tackle bullying and school aggression, by promoting and providing alternative conflict resolution, management procedures and restorative methods to be used in schools.

You can download the intellectual outputs for free. These documents provide a methodoligical framework as well as practical information for experts working in the school environment.

National Report Malta

National Report Bulgaria

National report Hungary 

ASAP Model Programme

ASAP_EU Dissemination and Communication Strategy

Bulgaria Research Report

Hungary Research Report

Malta Research Report

ASAP_EU Dissemination and Communication Strategy

Bulgarian Handbook of Implementation

Hungarian Handbook of Implementation

Maltese Handbook of Implementation

Please also look at our project videos

Promo video 

Student video Hungary

Student video Malta

Student video Bulgaria

Training video Malta

Training video Bulgaria

Training video Hungary