Step by Step education development in Soroksár

Soroksár kindergarten leaders and a team of kindergarten teachers felt that new methods were needed to deal more effectively with conflicts between children, to better communicate with parents, to strengthen cooperation between children, to better accommodate and manage children from different family backgrounds.

The Council was convinced that it is worth investing in the development of young children, because they will be the future workforce, and it is very important for a dynamic and changing district to provide a high quality education service for the people who live there and move to the area.

Who is involved in the Education Development Programme?

The teachers of Soroksár's kindergartens and primary schools, and sometimes the nursery nurses, are also involved in workshops and case discussions, which greatly helps everyday cooperation.

What are we doing in the Education Development Programme?

In the district, we have successfully implemented the kindergarten development programme adopted by the Council. The programme included step-by-step, conflict management training, and Connected Education workshops for teachers from the district's kindergartens and primary schools. In the Sunshine Kindergarten, the entire teaching staff received a Step by Step methodological training, which led to the launch of the Step by Step programme. The trained teachers of the Napsugár Kindergarten receive regular professional support from Partners Hungary trainers, as mentoring is the key to ensuring that the newly acquired knowledge is safely integrated into the teachers' daily lives.
Teachers have benefited from the training, gaining new impetus and methodological knowledge. They worked wonders with both parents and children!
"It feels good to come here even as a stranger, it's somehow different here, the team is so lively and cheerful, you can see that they love working here", says a teacher from another kindergarten in the district on a professional visit.
"We are really enjoying LL and all the training, it's just easier with the kids and parents since the programme started. We are given real tools to deal with everyday situations and the training sessions recharge us even when we arrive tired," says one of the Sunshine teachers.
The programme, which started in 2019, will continue in 2020, with more and more teachers in the district receiving methodological training and participating in professional workshops, which will continue to be supported by the municipality. 

What are the results of the project so far?

  • We trained 66 teachers in 9 kindergartens, who were introduced to 6 new methods.
  • The Sunshine Nursery is run entirely using the Step-by-Step method.
  • The total number of training hours is 190 and mentoring is 80 hours.


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