Workshops for teachers

We are often invited to work in kindergartens on non-education days or in schools on the working days before the start of the school year, as our three-hour workshops provide the kindergarten and school community with new practical knowledge and community experience.

Restorative practices training

Our national and international experience shows that the best way to tackle aggression in preschool and school is prevention. And the key to prevention is a strong community, where individual and collective responsibility is based on commonly agreed rules and interconnections between community members. 

Step by step programme

Today, in 20 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, Step by Step is a programme of educational institutions that empowers children to become productive and creative members of a democratic society through effective and active learning. Learn more about the programme and take part in our accredited teacher training courses!

School mediation

Partners Hungary Foundation has been working on conflicts in kindergartens and schools since 2009. Using mediation, facilitated discussion and restorative practices, we have successfully dealt with numerous conflicts in kindergartens and schools. Over the past years, we have trained more than 250 educational professionals (teachers, kindergarten teachers, headmasters, school psychologists, social workers) and students as mediators.