School mediation

Partners Hungary Foundation has been working on conflicts in kindergartens and schools since 2009. Using mediation, facilitated discussion and restorative practices, we have successfully dealt with numerous conflicts in kindergartens and schools. Over the past years, we have trained more than 250 educational professionals (teachers, kindergarten teachers, headmasters, school psychologists, social workers) and students as mediators.

Neighbourhood issues

Conflict is a natural part of housing communities, as many of us are diverse. We have different ideas about what quiet and order means, different schedules and values.

Economic mediation

Mediation can help companies save money, energy and time when they choose this method to deal with conflicts, but few companies in Hungary are taking advantage of this opportunity: only six percent of the fifteen thousand cases a year are resolved using alternative conflict management methods.

Divorce mediation

There is a perception, based on direct or indirect experience, that divorce is too costly, lengthy and burdensome a process. However, many believe that everyone finds it easier to cope with a civilised break-up than the constant games and wars of a dysfunctional family.

Relationship mediation

Relationship mediation provides the space and opportunity to re-establish quality connections between the two people who make up a couple.

Family mediation

There is no family without conflict. However, every conflict is an opportunity to talk about what we need to work better together and what each of us can do to achieve it.


With the help of our experienced facilitators with methodological experience, meetings at work, in the community or at school become easier and more effective. Our professionals work with communication tools that make collaboration quick, easy and effective.