Who can be a mediator?

According to the IRM Decree 69/2009 (XII. 17.) on the professional training and further training of mediators, the Ministry of Justice requires training for admission to the mediator register from January 2010.

About the training RegulationAfter completing the three training modules mentioned in the above-mentioned article, and subject to the fulfilment of additional legal requirements, participants in the training will be able to apply for registration in the Register of Intermediaries of the Ministry of Justice. To be included in the Register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), a numbered certificate of at least 60 hours of practical training in accordance with IRM Decree 63/2009 (XII.17) on mediation training and further training, a diploma of any profession, a certificate of five years of professional practice in the field of the diploma attested by the workplace and a certificate of good character are required.

So if you want to become a mediator and be on the national mediator register, you need to:

  • any professional diploma
  • evidence of five years' professional experience in the field of the qualification obtained by the diploma, provided by the workplace
  • moral certificate
  • completion of 64 hours of training as a mediator in accordance with the structure provided for in the Regulation

In our experience, it is also an advantage to have experience of self-awareness and self-reflection if you want to engage in conflict resolution, as the role of a mediator is a complex and sensitive one.

Partners Hungary Foundation's mediator training complies with the Regulation. You can find out the dates of our next training under Events. If you have any questions, please contact us! kepzes@partnershungary.hu

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