Facilitator training

It's not enough for members of an organisation to know their goals, they also need to build the road to get there. An effective tool for this is a facilitated meeting led by a trained facilitator. 

What do you need for effective meetings?

In order to move in the same direction on a common issue, staff need structured information and motivation. These can be achieved through effective communication within the organisation, and effectiveness is enhanced if there is a dedicated specialist.

The success of a meeting, a meaningful organisational event or a change depends on the communication between colleagues. As well as the quantity of information exchanged, the quality is a cardinal point. This can be improved if meetings are led by a facilitator who methodological knowledgea is responsible for efficiency.


What does a facilitator do?

  • The facilitator is a process manager, who facilitates the effectiveness of the group discussion. It may be chosen from within the group or be an external expert.
  • Characteristics of its activities, is responsible for the effectiveness of the discussion of the topic(s) identified by the parties or the group. He/she is well versed in group decision-making techniques and can use his/her methodological knowledge to make suggestions to the group leader beforehand or to the group during the process on how to proceed with the discussion of a particular issue. At the end of the meeting, he/she summarises the results and the tasks that have been identified. Agree on who is responsible for writing the memo.

What happens during the two-day facilitator training?

The topics of the training 

  • When to call a facilitator
  • Methods that make up the facilitator's toolbox
  • Group dynamics basics
  • What to do with difficult customers
  • How to decide on the role of the external - internal facilitator
  • How to build consensus between the parties
  • How to plan realistic time frames
  • How to use visual elements during the meeting
  • What happens before and after the facilitation? What is a good reminder?
  • Group decision-making techniques

The training lasts 20 hours.

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