Mediator training

A mediator is a specialist in conflict resolution. Our practice-oriented mediator training introduces you to the alternative dispute resolution method. Through experiential learning, participants gain first-hand experience of the method, their own areas for improvement and their strengths.

What does Partners Hungary Foundation's mediation training provide?

Participants will learn the tools of mediation as a novel alternative conflict management method. The methods will enable them to deal effectively with conflict situations that arise, and high professional standardsbe able to conduct mediation proceedings.

Our Foundation, Drawing on 25 years of experience, and taking into account the legal regulations, has developed a modular programme for training professionals interested in mediation, prospective mediators, in 3+3+1.5 days, 64 hours. Our training courses are also pedagogically and socially accredited and can be counted in the continuing education system.

How can I become a mediator?

The total training is 64 hours. The first, three-day module is followed by a second, three-day module, the dates of which are given in the Events to find out more. And after completing the training, you can register with the national register of mediators of the Ministry of Justice, after fulfilling the requirements of Act LV of 2002 (link:

How is the training structured?

Module 1: Introduction to mediation, 3 days, 3×10 hours

Basic training, which introduces the participants to the nature of conflicts and the process of mediation through many exercises and personal experience.

Topics for initial training:

  • Process, causes, stages and characteristics of conflicts
  • Negotiation techniques for effective cooperation
  • Conflict typologies
  • Individual conflict resolution strategies - self-awareness
  • Conflict management tools from the mediation toolbox


Module 2: Advanced mediation training, 3 days, 3×10 hours

We offer our advanced training to those who have already completed the Introduction to Mediation training at Partners Hungary Foundation or another organisation and wish to delve deeper into the mysteries of the profession.

Advanced training topics:

  • A review of the theory of Introduction to Mediation
  • Mediation - advanced techniques
  • Mediation with difficult clients
  • Simulated case exercises based on real cases
  • Facilitated meetings, where we can provide feedback on stumbling blocks and opportunities for improvement, tailored to the participants

Module 3 - Practical training. Duration: maximum 4 hours

The final module aims to give future mediators the opportunity to practice in a safe environment before they start mediating in a live situation.

In this module, we create simulation situations similar to our training sessions: the "clients" are given scenarios based on real cases, outlining the participant's point of view, providing each actor with as much information as is necessary to make the situation realistic. The participant in the training leads the case as a mediator, while the trainer present provides personalised support to the mediator.

The simulation exercise is followed by a discussion. After the process, the participants give feedback to the mediator, who can share his/her experiences. Afterwards, the session leader, the trainer, will give feedback on specific challenges by speaking out about individual stumbling blocks and strengths.

After completing the three modules, participants will have the opportunity to register with the Ministry of Justice's Register of Intermediaries, subject to the fulfilment of additional legal requirements.

Why study with us?

  • In Hungary, the Partners Hungary Foundation has been involved in the promotion of mediation for the longest time. We train mediation professionals and have been involved in the development of the institutional and legal framework for mediation. Our Foundation has also trained probation officers of the Office of Justice who work as criminal mediators.
  • Our training courses have both teacher and social accreditation.
  • Our Foundation's experts highly experienced trainers: they have been and are still involved as lecturers in several university courses.
  • We work with cases from practice, so real, professionally challenging casesthat you will encounter in your daily practice when you start mediating.
  • Our Foundation is a member of the Partners Global network, so beyond the domestic experience international experienceto help those who are interested.
  • Our Foundation is an organisation on the Ministry of Justice's list of intermediary legal entities. Our training courses are registered on the Ministry's list of mediation training courses.

Opinions on training:

"With my experience, I can now afford to learn only from professionals, as my time is precious. And this training, with the trainers, was really professional."

Ágnes Daróczy, Head of Institution


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