Inclusive education

It is important for us that professionals working with children are able to create the conditions necessary for children to develop optimally, with a special focus on disadvantaged children. Every child, regardless of his or her origin and family and social background, deserves to have the support of the adults around him or her to overcome the disadvantages that he or she may have started out with through no fault of his or her own.

What is inclusive education in nursery and school?

Based on our national and international experience, we believe that:

  • Supporting disadvantaged parents is crucial to developing positive parenting practices. If parents are given the right information and support on how to be well present in their children's lives, both at home and in pre-school and school situations, they will be able to support their children in the complex process of growing up.
  • Early childhood professionals have a key role to play in bridging the gaps that hinder the inclusion and participation of disadvantaged children and their families in inclusive settings. To do so, they need to receive up-to-date training and ongoing emotional-mental support.
  • A trusting relationship between families and early childhood professionals is the basis for successful interventions for disadvantaged children and their families.
  • A comprehensive, holistic, intersectoral and integrated approach is needed to successfully support disadvantaged families in dealing with their complex life situations.

Our aim is to help professionals working with children to find joy in their work, to be able to renew themselves and to work in a supportive professional community. This helps to support children in nursery and school to acquire the social-emotional skills they need for a happy life:

  • autonomy,
  • a sense of responsibility,
  • proactivity,
  • creativity,
  • critical thinking,
  • empathy,
  • conflict management and cooperation skills,
  • treating diversity as a value.

What do we do for inclusive education at Partners Hungary Foundation?

  • We develop and deliver innovative training that is immediately applicable in practice, up-to-date, builds on existing pedagogical knowledge and offers innovation;
  • In our development processes, we support nursery schools to become flexible, responsive and inclusive institutions;
  • We develop cooperation between institutions and sectors and build a professional community Step by Step and REYN  with our network. We bring together a wide range of professionals working in the field of education (pre-school and school teachers, pre-school and school psychologists, pre-school and school social workers, child protection workers, etc.) and create opportunities for dialogue and mutual learning.

If you're a professional working with disadvantaged/roma children, join our free professional community at Roma Early Years Networkwhere free training and exchanges await you!


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