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Conflict resolution

In general, the word "conflict" has a somewhat pejorative connotation, it is seen as a bad thing to be avoided. We think differently. Every society, community, organisation, human relationship goes through conflicts from time to time in the course of everyday interaction. If we have the means, conflict is an opportunity to develop a framework that works for everyone. Through mediation and restorative practices, we support individuals and communities who come to us to do this.


Social inclusion of vulnerable groups

Social integration - or, as we prefer to call it, inclusion - is a process in which individual values interact when cultures meet, and retain their original characteristics in the new system of values that emerges. Together with other core values such as diversity, acceptance and openness, and equal opportunities, it guides our work with vulnerable groups, with a special focus on disadvantaged Roma people and refugees from war. The Partners Hungary Foundation attaches great importance to mitigating the consequences of the humanitarian disaster caused by the war in Ukraine, especially to supporting the access to education and integration of families, children and persons fleeing to Hungary or forced to flee within the borders of Ukraine.



It is important for us that professionals working with children are able to create the conditions necessary for children to develop optimally, with a special focus on disadvantaged children. All children, regardless of their origin and their family and social background, deserve to have the support of the adults around them to help them overcome the disadvantages they have suffered through no fault of their own. We support day nurseries, kindergartens, schools and other communities in need with a trauma-informed and child-centred approach and tools.

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They said about us

"Much has been highlighted by the training provided by PHA. Mainly that things can be managed/solved in a way that is not a problem but an opportunity."

Mrs Zita Kutrik Stupján


"Every single element of this innovative programme has been very useful and fits in with our institution. Particularly valuable is the support provided by mentoring, in addition to training. I would also like to thank the trainers and mentors for their professional and human approach, their positive feedback and their cooperation."

Andrea Jenei Director of the Józsefváros Unified Methodological Institute and Primary School

"It has contributed to a positive change in my outlook. I warmly recommend it to everyone!"

Attila Polgár (Executive Office)

"The training gave me professional security. If you are looking for professional development, awareness, collaboration, this is a good opportunity."

by Rita Galambos (DIA)

"Without facilitation there is no progress, either we get lost in the details or communication between actors becomes focused on advocacy. I asked Partners to work with me because of my personal experience and expertise. It is also good that they know the field in which the stakeholders work. To do the job, therefore, we need an external actor to keep us on track, to highlight, summarise, prevent or resolve conflicts, to help us 'keep on target' and 'stay on task'."

István Dávid Head of the Fébé Evangelical Charity Service