Financial support

Regular donations enable communities in disadvantaged communities to ensure that their coffers are never empty and that they have the room to manoeuvre to keep giving.


It can help kindergartens, schools and disadvantaged communities to achieve goals that are driven by their own needs, keep good initiatives in place, make them sustainable and spread modern conflict management and bullying prevention methods

In our Education and Conflict Management strategic area, we are collecting for:

  • raise scholarship funds to enable nursery, kindergarten and school professionals to participate in our accredited training courses
  • raise scholarship funds to provide pro bono mediation and restorative services to nursery, kindergarten and school communities to deal with conflict and abuse situations.

In our Roma strategy area, we collect for:

  • the Roma mediators in Borsodnádasdi to run the community laundry,
  • Roma mediators in Nagydobosz can buy activity books, stationery and books,
  • the sanitary assistants in Arlo can buy cleaning products, toiletries and vitamins

In addition, we raise scholarship funds for educational institutions so that resource-poor, needy kindergartens and schools can use our conflict management and abuse management services and training pro bono: this way, modern methods such as mediation and restorative practices can reach children, parents and teachers who need them but cannot afford to pay for the service. Through community-based conflict and abuse management methods, we show what is most needed for children to have a positive vision for the future: together, by working together, we can solve our most difficult social situations!

If you cannot or do not want to take advantage of this option, you can. can also donate occasionally.
You can donate in several ways, as an individual or as a company:

Donate online: You can donate online by paying online. It works like an online shopping: you can donate by entering your credit card details in the secure DonateOnly interface. On our donation page you can also see what we can do with a donation of, say, 3000 HUF.

Bank transfer: Donations can also be made by bank transfer, via our online bank or by filling in a transfer order at a bank branch. If you choose to make a transfer, please indicate in the communication which of our activities you are supporting. Subscribe to our newsletter and find out first hand when we organise workshops, training sessions and where we can meet!

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