Intercultural mediation in practice

Intercultural mediation is a participatory method, a community work that builds bridges between community members living in settlements and the institutions and decision-makers operating in the settlements, in order to promote and positively influence the situation of communities in need.

Community building

- As a municipal leader, do you have problems with complex local issues?
- Are you concerned about how to better involve the public?
- Have you tried this before, but are you looking for more effective solutions?

Roma inclusion

Social integration is a process in which individual values interact when cultures meet, and retain their original characteristics in the system of new values that emerge. This, together with other core values such as diversity, acceptance and openness, and equal opportunities, underpin our work on Roma inclusion.

Inclusive education

It is important for us that professionals working with children are able to create the conditions necessary for children to develop optimally, with a special focus on disadvantaged children. Every child, regardless of his or her origin and family and social background, deserves to have the support of the adults around him or her to overcome the disadvantages that he or she may have started out with through no fault of his or her own.