Child-centred Education Development in Maraltő

Since June 2009 we have been working at the Kmety György Evanesian Primary School and Kindergarten in Marcaltő. By introducing and supporting the Step by Step programme, the institution aims to spread a new pedagogical ethos with the child at its heart, based on the principle that "Every human being is a unique and unrepeatable individual".

The aim of the teachers and staff who choose the programme is to empower children, their learning and the classroom community by finding the value in each child.

Their aim is to help create an honest and accepting atmosphere in kindergartens and schools, to provide an organisational framework and conditions, and to create a pedagogical system that prepares children to

  • become active, creative members of a democratic society, recognising and appreciating its values;
  • to make decisions and exercise personal responsibility as learners throughout their school lives;
  • develop their social and emotional skills, enabling them to be open to each other and to develop positive human and community relations;
  • to be open to the world, to recognise the complexity of the world, to ask questions, to pose problems and to seek solutions;
  • be able to behave independently and actively, to form their own opinions and to express them in an open and honest atmosphere of communication, typical of the group or institution
  • make lifelong learning a natural part of their lives


What happens during development?

A total of 20 teachers from all the teachers of the institution will participate in the programme, and will adapt the elements of the programme by learning the Step by Step methodology.

By the end of May 2020, they will be familiarised with the Step by Step programme, they will acquire the necessary skills to implement cooperative learning, they will receive training in the basics of differentiated teaching and the integration of the programme will be accompanied by a strong mentoring programme, implemented by Mari Zágon at the institution.

During the training, teachers will learn how to create an environment for children that

  • where they are actively engaged, living, learning and experiencing the world,
  • where they can experience "I am important, my ideas matter, my opinions count"
  • experience a sense of belonging to a team and practice teamwork....
  • where they can test themselves ... "I can do it..." "I can do it", and "if I fail, I can try again"

The training builds on the strengths of teachers and provides them with support and professional solutions for their everyday situations.

The total cost of the project is HUF 2 516 000, supported by the Evangelical Church.

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