We are looking for a facilitator to support the development of the Primokiz Local Early Years Strategy

Partners Hungary Foundation is looking for 9 facilitators (20 hours per week) for a fixed-term contract to support local authorities in the development of early childhood strategies. 

The Primokiz programme, developed by the Jacobs Foundation and implemented in Germany and Switzerland, is an evidence-based strategy development process to increase access to quality services - education, health and social - for young children. The International Step by Step Association (ISSA) has been licensed to implement the programme, which has been used with great success in Romania and Slovenia. In Hungary, 9 municipalities are joining the programme through a grant from the Partners Hungary Foundation. 

The role of the facilitator: 

  • Providing professional advice to support the process of developing a local early childhood strategy. 
  • The facilitator is an independent professional, but is also familiar with local, municipal conditions. 
  • Ensure that the professional perspective of all sectors involved in early childhood development - health, education, social - is taken into account. 
  • It coordinates and integrates the problems and needs identified among children and families into the local early childhood strategy. 
  • Coordinate the work of the local action team and the local coordinator involved in developing the strategy. 
  • He is in close contact with the Primokiz project leader, who works for the Partners Hungary Foundation.  
  • Your work is supported, assisted and monitored by a Primokiz facilitator mentor.  

The facilitator is responsible for: 

  • adhering to the methodology of the strategy development process, 
  • preparing the strategy (together with the local coordinator). 

The facilitator not responsible the adoption of the strategy by the municipality. 


  • Organising regular face-to-face and online professional meetings for the local action team, moderating meetings, taking notes.  
  • Collecting professional proposals and materials and preparing an analysis of the mapping of the local early childhood care system 
  •  Ensuring cooperation between the local coordinator and the members of the local action team, sharing tasks, professional supervision of the writing of the local strategy 

Qualifications, professional background: 

  • Higher education.  
  •  Several years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of early childhood education, teaching and programming. 
  • Qualifications and experience as facilitator, mediator, coach, teacher, conflict manager. 
  • Good practice in drafting technical papers, submissions and studies. 
  • High level literacy 

Priority in the awarding of a contract: 

  • systems theory,  
  • conflict management skills, 
  • experience as a team leader, 
  • Driving licence and own vehicle and driving experience. 

What we offer: 

  • Competitive salary. 
  • Travel allowance. 
  • Professional development opportunities in an international environment. 

Nature and duration of the legal relationship: 

  • fixed term: until 31.12.2023.
  • part-time (20 hours per week) 
  • home office, with rural travel 

How to apply: 

Please send your CV with a photo and a motivation letter to Zsófia Bátory, Primokiz Project Coordinator, at the following e-mail address: batoryzs@partnershungary.hu  

Application deadline: 2023.08.10. 

To start as a facilitator, the facilitator must attend a 3-day Primokiz facilitator training course after signing the contract. The expected date of the training is 28-29-30 August 2023.


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