National network of professionals working with Roma children

REYN is an international professional network that aims to assess the needs of professionals working with young Roma children (0-8), to support their professional development and to facilitate the development and maintenance of relationships within the profession.

The REYN Romani Early Years Network Roma Early Years Network brings together professionals who work directly with Roma children or whose work focuses on Roma children (academics, non-profit organisations, etc.).

The immediate target group is experts working with children aged 0-3 years, but of course the network also includes colleagues working with older children (3-8 years) and expectant mothers. REYN is particularly keen to increase the number of Roma in the network.

The ultimate goal of REYN is to provide both Roma children and the professionals working with them with quality professional care/training. In doing so, we contribute to ensuring that Roma and/or disadvantaged children receive ever-improving quality of care and education.

What does REYN do?

  • Offers free training courses on topics related to early childhood of Roma: conflict management, integration, prejudice management, cooperation with Roma parents
  • organises free study visits for professionals working with young Roma children to exchange experiences both within the country and internationally
  • Share and disseminate "good practices" among professionals working with Roma children
  • Writes policy recommendations and makes its voice heard in forums where early childhood professionals are present, helping to raise the profile of REYN within the profession

Who does the programme help?

  1. For teachers, trainers
  2. For kindergarten teachers
  3. For school psychologists
  4. For social workers in kindergarten-school
  5. For nursery nursery teachers
  6. For teachers
  7. For speech and language therapists
  8. For community mediators working with parents
  9. For nurses
  10. For teaching assistants
  11. For social workers in the Roma community
  12. Other (e.g. children's home workers, school workers)


  • 600+ registered members
  • Free trainings for REYN members (Two 1-1 day free trainings and three 3 day accredited trainings with 50% co-payment)
  • A 1 study mapping the numbers and challenges of early childhood professionals working with Roma has been completed (
  • Training and labour market mentoring of five Roma nannies
  • 1 policy recommendation (
  • Developing an organisational network of institutions targeting young Roma children

Other important information: 

  • Project/Support Programme name: REYN Hungary year 3
  • Supporting organisation: the Open Society Budapest Foundation
  • Duration start/end: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2017
  • Budget amount, currency: 30.910 USD

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