Parents at school? Yes!

How can parents and teachers work well together for children?
29 September 2020 (Tuesday), 15:00-16:00

CSR: working with companies

In Hungary, social responsibility is a well-known and widespread concept. We at Partners Hungary Foundation are in the fortunate position of working with Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) for the seventh year in a row to promote health awareness and access to healthcare for disadvantaged Roma communities.

Roma inclusion

Social integration is a process in which individual values interact when cultures meet, and retain their original characteristics in the system of new values that emerge. This, together with other core values such as diversity, acceptance and openness, and equal opportunities, underpin our work on Roma inclusion.

Children attending segregated classes during the coronavirus

Rosa Parks Foundation, Motiváció Műhely, Partners Hungary, April 2020 Teachers of predominantly disadvantaged children say a third of their pupils have failed to engage with digital education, according to a recent survey. The results suggest that the gap between children's social status in schools is set to widen. There are big regional differences: while in Budapest [...]