Roma Mediator Award 2020

Partners Hungary Foundation, with the support of Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals, in the framework of the "Together for Better Health: with us for us" programme, this year we held the national Roma mediator network meeting and award ceremony online.

Since all of our programmes have gone online in whole or in part since the spring, we have become very experienced in organising events. At Zoom, it was also a great professional and personal experience to talk to and exchange experiences with the mediators and to listen to the experiences of other NGOs working in a similar way.

An important part of our meeting was to strengthen the network and connect members working in different organisations. The Autonomy Foundation, the Citizen Foundation, the Idetartozunk Association and the Institute for Behaviour Research of the University of Debrecen enriched our two-day meeting. We have agreed to meet online every two months in the future, because the exchange of experiences adds so much to our work: we draw strength and inspiration from it.
For the third year running, we are rewarding intercultural mediators, as well as the work of the Intercultural Ambassador and Community Action Teams. The award is called the Zsuzsa Danó Intercultural Mediator Award: it honours the memory of a great person whose commitment and many years of community-building work are exemplary.
  • This year, Alexandra Korózs from Borsodnádasdi received the mediation award,
  • and the Intercultural Ambassador Award to Orsolya Érsek, who supported the work of the mediators.
  • Two Community Action Groups were also awarded this year. These awards were given to Onga and Hernádkak.

We are very proud of our winners and congratulate them!


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