With the help of our experienced facilitators with methodological experience, meetings at work, in the community or at school become easier and more effective. Our professionals work with communication tools that make collaboration quick, easy and effective.

What does the facilitator do?

  • The facilitator is a process manager, who facilitates the effectiveness of the group discussion. It may be chosen from within the group or be an external expert.
  • Characteristics of its activities, is responsible for the effectiveness of the discussion of the topic(s) identified by the parties or the group. He/she is well versed in group decision-making techniques and can use his/her methodological knowledge to make suggestions to the group leader beforehand or to the group during the process on how to proceed with the discussion of a particular issue. At the end of the meeting, he/she summarises the results and the tasks that have been identified. Agree on who is responsible for writing the memo.

For which organisational or group situations do we recommend facilitation?

  • Prolonged discussions
  • Bumpy, groaning negotiations
  • Heated debates
  • Stubborn positions, disagreements that hinder joint work
  • Lack of tangible results, disinterested discussions
  • Difficult to reach agreement on a complex issue

What changes can you expect if you work with a facilitator?

  • Time efficient operation
  • The meeting is on track
  • We manage to keep to the timeframes
  • Participants will be involved and motivated to work together
  • Group productivity increases
  • Delivering tangible results
  • Group decision-making becomes easier, simpler
  • The meeting is held in a supportive atmosphere

Those who have used our service have said:

"Without facilitation there is no progress, either we get lost in the details or communication between actors becomes focused on advocacy. I asked Partners to work with me because of my personal experience and expertise. It is also good that they know the field in which the stakeholders work. So to do the work we need an external actor to keep us on track, to highlight, summarise, prevent or resolve conflicts, to help us 'keep on target' and 'stay on task'. In our case the facilitator made our meetings effective, I can only recommend him.

If it's important to you as a leader to make your meetings more effective and efficient, ask our trained facilitators to help you!

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