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In view of the great interest shown organise online training in restorative practices for professionals working in pre-school, schools and social services, using the Zoom app.

We welcome you to our training:

  •  educators
  • teaching assistants
  • social workers
  • social workers in nursery schools
  • pre-school and school psychologists
  • family and child welfare professionals
  • running a school, a maternity home, a family transition home
  • professionals working with young people

The training is a 3-day course, not yet accredited in social and pedagogical sciences.

Date of training:

1,2,3 October 2024, 09:00-17:00


What are restorative practices?

Restorative processes, like mediation, return conflicts to the people involved. The aim of restorative models is to create a supportive community and strengthen relationships so that there is space and opportunity for community members to indicate if a decision is not the right one before an incident occurs. This will allow us to focus on repairing the damage and making amends when things do go wrong.

Restorative practices bring theoretical and practical frameworks and methods into the life of kindergartens and schools, where community members - including children - are empowered:

  • work together to prevent situations of conflict and abuse,
  • to work together on the impact of what has happened and to take responsibility for their future roles and responsibilities.

How much does it cost?

The total price of the training is HUF, instalments are possible. It is advisable for at least two people from the same institution to attend, so that the professionals can support each other in introducing the newly learned methods.



The training fee is 115.000 HUF. Payment in instalments is possible.

What do I get from the three-day restorative training?

  • A short theory with clear examples of what a restorative approach is and how it helps the preschool-school community.
  • A clear, up-to-date theoretical framework will help participants to make a real change of mindset.
  • Practical tools that can be immediately applied in everyday school situations, whether it's preventing or dealing with conflict and bullying, in or out of class.
  • A practical, summary manual of methods and their applications, with a reflective diary to support the learning process.
  • Effective questions and techniques for leading roundtable discussions
  • Tools on how to respond to serious misbehaviour at school.

The training starts with a minimum of 8 participants. Maximum number of participants: 16.

The training's customer service is located at 1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 22. IV./24.
Contact details of the trainer's customer service:

Thank you!

The Partners Hungary Foundation's Restorative Team


You do very important work, dear teachers and other professionals working with children, so we have designed our training to really serve your needs, with as much practical knowledge as possible, at the lowest possible cost. We think it's important that your ability to take part in our courses shouldn't depend on your finances, so as an education and social sector worker you can apply for an instalment plan - if you need one, contact!

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  • 2024-10-01 09:00   -   2024-10-03 17:00
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