Workshops for teachers

We are often invited to work in kindergartens on non-education days or in schools on the working days before the start of the school year, as our three-hour workshops provide the kindergarten and school community with new practical knowledge and community experience.

Constructive communication with parents

How to work with parents in everyday life and in difficult situations? Immediate communication techniques from mediation and restorative practices.

"I learnt a lot in three hours, I got practical answers to my questions and the theory highlighted why what I had been trying to do didn't work in many cases."

(Anna S., kindergarten teacher)

Class teacher lesson series on the prevention of aggression and bullying

Ready-to-use lesson plans and help for teachers working with children aged 10-18 years, through experiential exercises.

"When I sat down for the workshop on class teacher lesson plans, I had so much more to do. Then, ten minutes into the workshop, I realised I couldn't be in a better place. I finally got practical answers on what I could do to reduce conflict in my classroom." (Ferenc Z., PE teacher, class teacher)

WANDA case presenter

WANDA is a Belgian case discussion methodology name - sounds serious, doesn't it? It's really about finally getting out
we can talk in a supportive environment about the situations that concern us. Structured group reflection on how to deal effectively with professional stagnation, for preschool and school professionals: preschool teachers, teachers, teachers, preschool-school social workers, school psychologists.

Why does the child not eat during the day? Why is it difficult to cooperate with your parents? Why does he hurt his peers? Why doesn't he join in
in play?

WANDA was developed in Belgium specifically for teacher participants, following the Hungarian Bálint method. The acronym is composed of the Dutch words Waarderen - to estimate, Analyseren - to analyse, Daden - to do. The clearly structured discussion in five steps, using creative tools, helps the participants to
to look at the situations they are facing from a different perspective, and to work together to find alternative ways to resolve them.

"By the end of the case study, I felt like I was at the end of a dramatic film, both as a spectator and as a character, as we were dealing with a difficult situation in our own kindergarten. It was uplifting to see the journey we had made in two hours and how many good ideas had come out of it, and that we had created it all together. This is something every educator should experience." (K. Viktória, kindergarten teacher)


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