Conflict management techniques in kindergarten

Conflict management with young children: a 3-day, 30-credit course for pre-school and primary school teachers.

Why do we need new conflict management methods?

Overload, children developing at different rates, with different abilities and cultural backgrounds, all pose huge educational challenges. The more tools we have at our fingertips, the more we can feel we have our freedom of movement back, the less risk of burnout and the more we can really focus on what is important. After all, it's the desire of dedicated early childhood professionals to see children happy, able to connect with others in a positive way, and to make everyday life together easier. This is where the story of social-emotional learning begins, and the process through which practitioners, especially preschool staff, can support children in acquiring skills and competencies that will help them in their preschool and everyday lives.


  • As a kindergarten teacher or a teacher, you feel that difficult situations are taking their toll on your relationships with children, parents and colleagues, and you want to change this.
  • He wants to experience that there are tools, methods and choices for difficult social situations.
  • It wants to be able to turn disputes and conflicts into learning opportunities, where the goal is not to win or survive, but to develop together.


What does the three-day accredited training provide?

  • Practical conflict management techniques, clearly structured methods with children, parents and colleagues.
  • Constructive communication tools, so that we can talk to each other in partnership, based on needs and wants rather than complaints.
  • Questioning basics to get a good breakdown of what happened, how participants experienced it and what needs to be done to put things right.
  • A six-step methodology for mediation conflict resolution with young children in practice.
  • Group problem-solving methodology, so that we can work together with the whole preschool group or with the parent community to find our own solutions effectively.
  • Stress management techniques, because as professionals dealing with people, we have to deal with our own well-being, our own feelings.
  • Workable alternatives to punishment, threats, shouting.

"We came to the training because we wanted to know how our colleague Móni does it, how she resolves situations with the children in no time and somehow makes the discussions last longer. I've been in the field for fifteen years and I love learning new things. The training gave me a very well put together theoretical basis and a lot of practical steps, which I was successful with on the first days."
(Bea, kindergarten teacher)

Remember, the training is worth 30 credits in the teacher training system! We welcome applications from pre-school teachers and primary school teachers. Contact us at for more details and upcoming dates!

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