Our activities

We help people who come to us to find their place in their communities and to find the courage and strength to change. To feel they have a place in the world. Our vision is a diverse and inclusive society, where cooperation and dialogue between individuals, within communities and between communities.

Our strategic areas


  • We work with modern and proven educational and community development methods, in kindergartens, schools, in cooperation with schools and other professional organisations.
  • The Partners Hungary Foundation is the Hungarian host of the Step by Step Alternative Pedagogy Programme. The Step by Step programme, supported by the International Step by Step Association, has been used by professionals in more than 30 countries for 25 years to make learning a personalised, joyful process.
  • Community development, conflict management: our alternative conflict management and community development methods, mediation and restorative practices, help kindergartens and schools to prevent conflicts, bullying and ostracism, which are increasingly turning into aggression, and to teach children, parents, teachers and related professionals how to deal with difficult social situations, prejudices and cultural differences in supportive communities.
  • Institutional development: we accompany kindergartens and schools that are committed to professional innovation and community development through a process of change.


Alternative conflict management

We have been working with the mediation method since 1994, as a leading player in the field in Hungary. Our experienced professionals teach the methods not only in our own training courses but also in higher education institutions.

Building professional community and quality is important to us, so we are in constant professional dialogue with trained mediators and with representatives of other professions: lawyers, judges, social workers and psychologists.

In addition to mediation, we have successfully applied restorative and facilitative methods in a wide range of settings: preschool, school, family, relationship, neighbourhood, business and workplace conflicts.


Social inclusion

We empower Roma communities to do for themselves. Using the unique methodology of intercultural mediation in Hungary, we train Roma professionals to organise community action groups and work with local government, health, education and social actors to improve their living conditions, whether it's health care, cooperation between parents and teachers or the repair of housing.

Our programmes reduce social gaps at local level and create lasting partnerships between people who previously had little or no contact with each other.