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We are the same in different ways. The same words mean different things to you and different things to me. I want one thing and the other wants another, or the same thing but different. How can we work together effectively and well despite our differences? Conflict is a natural part of human relations. If handled well, they can be an opportunity for growth and learning, but if left unaddressed, they can escalate and take control of our lives.

Here is your chance to learn professional conflict management!

Through experiential learning, participants will gain first-hand experience of the techniques, as well as the areas and strengths of communication they need to develop, and become experts in dispute resolution.

The full training consists of 3 modules.

Why study with us?

  • In Hungary, the Partners Hungary Foundation has been the longest-established mediation method. We train mediation professionals and have been involved in the development of the institutional and legal background of mediation. Our Foundation also trained the probation officers of the Office of Justice who are involved in criminal mediation. We were trainers and professional mentors in the introduction of criminal mediation in 2007.
  • Our training courses have both teacher and social accreditation.
  • Our Foundation is an organisation on the Ministry of Justice's list of intermediary legal entities. Our training courses are registered on the Ministry's list of mediation training courses.

What is Mediation I, or the first three days of mediator training, about?

  • A the process, causes, stages and characteristics of conflicts
  • Negotiation techniques for effective cooperation
  • Conflict typologies
  • Individual conflict resolution strategies - self-awareness
  • Conflict management tools from the mediation toolbox

What do I get from these three days?

  • Practice-oriented training to make everyday social situations more effective and your relationships easier
  • Negotiation and conflict management tools for daily practice
  • Effective ways to reduce the emotional tension associated with conflict.

Where and when will the training take place?

In the centre of Budapest, in the 9th district, between 17-19 September 2024, between 09:00-17:00.

Opinions on the training

"The training gave me professional security. If you are looking for professional development, awareness, collaboration, this is a good opportunity."

by Rita Galambos (DIA)

"Why would I recommend it and to whom?
I recommend it to anyone, but especially to people who are convinced that they are always right!
Given that I work in the business world, I would recommend it to managers and decision-makers at any level of the organisation."

Gergely Zajkás
Talent Acquisition Lead
Talent Management / Acquisition, L&D MLEMEA
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The training fee is 112.500 HUF.

REGISTER until 10.09.2024.09.2024!


How to apply:

  1. Fill in the online application form!
  2. Wait for the confirmation email, which will include the invoice.
  3. A certificate of participation, worth one credit point, will be sent by post after the training.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


License number of the program: S-05-012/2021

Continuing training points in the social continuing training scheme: 30 points

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  • Budapest downtown

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  • 2024-09-17 09:00   -   2024-09-19 17:00
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